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One of a kind, hand painted,  recycled leather earrings, hypo-allergenic silver hooks 

 Color: blue/blk/yell/silver

Size:  2.5" long

Y Wear This?

With every purchase, you are helping make the world a better place.  10% of all profits are donated to Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment).  This non-profit organization is dedicated to transforming how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma.  In buying any Y Wear This? item, you assist in ability of this group to educate mental health practitioners on the most cutting edge healing methods, as well as providing tools, workshops, awareness and a  deeper understanding of trauma and abuse so that proper healing paths can be taken. You are supporting an independent artist!  Each piece is hand made in Southern California. From pattern to final stitches, all pieces are made with care and high quality craftsmanship that lasts.  Custom dimensions can be requested.  You are supporting small businesses in a corporate driven society. All fabric and materials are purchased from local and family owned vendors.  All painted leather products are made from recycled leather.