YWearThis? is a small scale, eclectic clothing, accessory and home goods design company with a Montana soul with urban undertones.    All products and artwork are designed and handmade by sole founder, Jeri Thompson.  The mission of YWearThis? is to not only create unique, high quality FUNKtional goods, but also try to leave a positive impact in the process. 

MEET Miss Vinn:

Jeri Thompson, also know as Miss Vinn, is a Montana raised artist and designer.  Although she did not go to school for a creative career, her love for sewing, painting, and design always fueled her eccentric approach to life through style and expression. She spent most of her childhood making or altering clothing to fit her personal tastes and surrounding herself with elements that made her space unique and one of a kind.  After graduating with a Marketing degree, Jeri went on to become a costumer in the Film and TV industry.  She has grown a successful career for over decade but found herself wanting to do something extra.   On a personal level, health and wellness is an area of massive importance to Jeri.  Having to embark on her own path of trauma recovery, healing and growth; Jeri sought out ways to assist others in their journey as well.  And that's when she came across Healing Tree, a non profit organization that seemed to align perfectly with her mission.  With this pairing, Jeri uses her art to spread love, light and happiness, and thus, YWearThis? was born.    


1) ALL ITEMS ARE CREATED TO HEAL!!!   It is heart breaking to consider the amount of mental or physical suffering people endure everyday.  Over the course a person's lifetime, there could be numerous horrific situations, or even just one catastrophic event that could have detrimental, long term effects.  Having the ability to understand, process and heal from trauma or abuse is an option that everyone should have.  YWearThis?assists in making that possible by doing something extra.  With every purchase, a portion of the profits are donated to Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment). Healing TREE is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma.   Through education, support, awareness and compassion, they spread newest techniques to practitioners, and help people have an opportunity to recover and thrive.  

2)  Products are MINDFULLY MANUFACTURED!   Recycling fabric and pre-existing garments  is just one form the conscious creative process.  The selection process of new materials is carried out with the highest level of ethics while also trying to have the lowest environmental footprint possible.  

3)  SUPPORTS LOCAL VENDORS AND FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES  YWearThis?  acquires almost  ALL  materials and supplies through small, family owned businesses and local vendors. 

4)  YOU ARE SUPPORTING AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST  There's the long running joke that most artists aren't successful until after they've passed away.  Each piece of clothing, jewelry or decor is my art, my perspective, with a specific intention.  All YWearThis? products, from conceptual sketches to final stitches are created by hand, and by one hand only!  I appreciate any and all support!